Use precaution while Black Friday shopping

Staff Reports

When shopping on Black Friday you should keep safety precautions. The stores will be open all night long, in the dark. Anyone, if not careful, can steal the items you’ve purchased. Just because something is locked in your car doesn’t mean its safe. So here are some safety tips to keep in mind when going out on the biggest shopping day. 

1. If keeping your items in the car while going into another store put a blanket over them. Also if you have a trunk that no one can see into, keep everything in there. 

2. Before you approach your car make sure to look under your car to see if anyone is there. An attacker can be hiding under your car waiting for you to walk back with your items you have just purchased. Also don’t use your alarm system if you lost your and are trying to find it. Attackers can tell which car it is and wait for you to get there. 

3. Make daggers with your keys in the pockets. Never hold your keys out in the open, hold them in your hand and hold one of the keys in between your fingers. It can be used to as a weapon if someone is coming after you.

4. Try to get an over the shoulder bag. Keep the purse part in front of you so it makes it harder for someone to grab the money out.

5. Invest in wasp spray. I know it sounds ridiculous, but for pepper spray to work the attacker has to be pretty close while wasp spray can go up to 25 feet away from you. So the attacker won’t have the chance to come close to you. 

6. Don’t get into any arguments. This is the day that the crazy people come out. Avoid arguing with them over items. Instead go up to an employee and ask if there are any in back, if not then they will usually order it with the same price as the one in store. 

7. Never, and I repeat, never talk to strangers. It sounds kindergarten, I know, but if someone is nice enough to you then you trust them. That can lead to things like stolen money, and being hurt.

8. Always shop in pairs. It’s important to always have each other’s back when shopping on Black Friday. You’re less likely to have something happen to you if you’re with a buddy.

9. Don’t leave money out. Keep all of your cards and money in your wallet. Never keep it in your pockets or leave your wallet open.

10. Stay warm. It’s going to be very chilly at two in the morning.