Campus climate deadline extended to meet goal



 The Campus Climate survey has extended its deadline to try and reach a goal of 4,000 completed student surveys. The deadline has been extended to Thanksgiving break. 

“We’re chugging along … We’re just right at 2,900 students and 700 faculty and staff,” said chief diversity officer Jaime Nolan-Andrino. “We’re doing well and in part, we’re just going to leave it open for students to respond.”

Although the goal for faculty surveys has been met, if the number of completed student surveys has not reached the goal, the information will still be considered valid and will still be analyzed as planned. Nolan-Andrino is one of the administrators of the survey along with Jim Burns. Burns will analyze the data after the survey has been completed. 

“It will take a period of months to fully analyze, interpret and report the data to the community,” Burns said.

The goal is to release the data at the end of the spring semester and to later take action in Fall 2014.

“We’ll have something meaningful to share,” Nolan-Andrino said.

After the survey has closed and the data has been analyzed, not only will the university, but as well as the community will view it.

Students that have taken the survey and have submitted their information, will be entered in a drawing for 12 free tuition credits. As soon as the survey closes, a name will be drawn for the free tuition.

To help boost numbers, another email was sent out to students, making an additional 500 completed student surveys. In addition to the email, a committee has met with Students’ Association, faculty senate, civil service group and volunteers tabled at The Union.

“[We] have a lot of people volunteering their time,” Nolan-Andrino said.

Trends in completing the survey are different amongst students and faculty. Faculty members are taking longer to complete the survey where as students spend less time filling in the answers. On average, faculty and staff are completing their survey within 38 minutes where students are taking 28 minutes to complete it. However, the faculty survey has more questions than the student version of the survey does. There are also a few student surveys that have been started, but not yet completed.

“[There were] a couple where students didn’t understand you had to complete by entering an email,” Nolan-Andrino said.

While there are a large number of surveys that have been completed, the administrators would like to see that number grow.

“I would really encourage the students … this is an opportunity to speak your mind and have action follow that,” Nolan-Andrino said.