International Night celebrates an array of cultures on campus


  A group of international students celebrate International Night by showing their nation’s flag. Several flags lined the front of the stage where the performances were held.



 International Night, including dinner and entertainment from a variety of countries, was held Sunday evening in the Volstorff Ballroom. 

“[International Night took] Months of planning,” said junior pre-pharmacy major Geraldine Vincent-Uzuanwu. 

The night was composed of 16 presentations, The presentations were a Nepali Band, Sri Lankan Solo Dance, Chinese comedy, BSA Step dance, Latin Song and Costa Rica slides, Bollywood dance, Brookings Chinese Dancers, Sri Lankan Group Dance, Indian dance, presentations about Malaysia and Sri Lanka, vote of thanks, and Fashion Show. 

“I liked the Sri Lanka group dance because they had so many different dances,” a sophomore biology major Heidi Wiebold said.

The Sri Lanka group dance consisted of two female dancers doing traditional Sri Lankan dances. Near the end of the dance, three male dancers joined and added modern stunts to the dance. 

“We are most grateful to the performers,” Vincent-Uzuanwu said. 

The night brought together the audience and the performers to experience an International experience.

“I extend my thanks to you for gracing us with you presence tonight.” 

Vincent-Uzuanwu said. 

International night included an array of various international cuisine.

“I liked it. The food was very good,” Sarah Ruml, a Brookings community member said.

The meal was made of foods from various countries. Among the foods served was chai tea, egg pancakes, raita, potato and cauliflower curry, Moroccan chicken, biryani, and butter chicken curry. The chai tea was a tea infused with various spices. The egg pancake was an egg with green onion that had the texture of a tortilla. Raita is a cucumber and yogurt mixture. The potato and cauliflower curry had potatoes, cauliflower and tomatoes. The Moroccan chicken had pieces of chicken, onions and orange rinds. The biryani was a rice and chicken dish. The butter chicken curry was chicken in a butter sauce.

“Going out of your comfort zone and meeting someone from another culture is really great for you,” said junior nursing student Joy Schumacher.

She danced in the Bollywood dance with traditional accessories. It took her several weeks to learn the dance.

“I have international friends who wanted to do a Bollywood dance,” Schumacher said.

“It was the biggest display of culture I have ever seen,” said freshman global studies major Anna Bridge.

The performances gave insight to the countries, which were represented at International Night. There were 70 countries featured at the event, some of which included Albania, Bahamas, Colombia, France, Germany, Granada, India, Malaysia, Nigeria, Romania, Sri Lanka and United States. 

“I was joined IRC and they proposed volunteering opportunities,” said sophomore psychology major Heba Adbeljalil.

The event performances and volunteers were made of members of the International Relations Council and several other volunteers. IRC is a club that is designed for international students or students that are interested in various cultures.

“I really like IRC, we bring international students together,” Adbeljalil said.