Giving holiday gifts on a college budget

BY: EMILY BOUTA Juice Editor

Not only is picking out the perfect present hard, but getting them at the right price isn’t any easier. Instead of going in debt, go to a craft store. There are alternatives to pricey gifts that can get you into trouble. For example, maybe instead of giving someone an iPod they get a CD with the best music on it. Homemade gifts mean more than store bought. It shows that you really care about someone and it’s cheaper. Here is a list of things that will brighten up the holiday. 

Jars filled with treats:

Like a hot cocoa mix or soup would be a fantastic gift. It gives them a chance to try something new or stick with what they love. You can layer the ingredients or have them separate.

Personalized Beanies:

A cheap beanie from Wal-Mart and a few fun patches sewn on makes a great personalized gift. These patches can be anything from animals, to flowers, and even sports teams.

Crafty Christmas Card:

With a fun picture of you
or your friend. Add some inexpensive scrapbook stickers or embellishments to make it really pop.

A Coupon Book:

A day out, a movie night,
a load of laundry, dinner at McDonald’s; think of fun ideas you and your pal can do together. Make sure to put expiration dates on them so it doesn’t come back to you in the future.


Instead of buying an expensive piece of jewelry for your loved one go to the craft store and find unique beads and string and make a homemade gift. A bracelet or necklace made by you means so much more. You can even personalize it to their style.

Tie Blankets:

They’re very popular around Christmas time. Find two pieces of your favorite pattern fleece and cut little slits into them and tie the pieces together all around the blanket. Make it any size you want. It’s an easy gift that will take all of 10 minutes to make.