First-year becomes engaged with Center

By Emily bouta Juice Editor

 Have you ever wondered what happens at the Student Engagement Center in The Union? Leslie Cope is a freshman interior design major. She came to SDSU from Rapid City in hopes of seeing and doing everything SDSU has to offer. So far she has enjoyed working for the student engagement center and meeting new people.

Q: What is your job at the center?

A: I sit at the front desk and answer calls, greet people.

Q: How have you liked working there? 

A: I’ve really liked it. It’s a really cool part of The Union. You see a lot of different people walking by. It’s like the hub of everything so you always know what’s going on. A lot of cool people work there and I’ve made some good friends. 


Q: Are you involved with a lot in the engagement center?


A: No, I was really involved in high school so I’m enjoying taking a break now and not being in as many things. I am in the College Republicans and American Society of Interior Designers.


Q: Is ASID for your major or for fun?


A: Well I’m in interior design now but I would like to switch out. I’m the type of person that likes learning new things, have a variety. I like science, design, animals and other things so I just don’t know. There are too many exciting things out there.


Q: Is that why you chose SDSU?


A: I chose it because it seemed like it had a good assortment of classes because I didn’t know what I wanted to take. Brookings is just a really nice college campus. 


Q: So why did you choose the Student Engagement Center?


A: It was flexible with my school hours. The inside of the offices looked nice and the people that worked there were really nice. It was mostly because it was on campus and my schedule was flexible. 



Q: Has it been living up to expectations?


A: I think it has. I don’t just like it, I love it.


Q: What has been your best memory?

A: There are so many. First I’ve loved meeting all of the new people, starting in interior design and meeting my good friends there. I like to party, so that’s been fun. I have made so many good memories with the friends I’ve made. I climbed into a dryer one night, and all of the shenanigans that happen on third floor Young like late night dance parties.  

Immediately after college, Cope wants to move away just so she can see other things. The Midwest will always have a special spot for her later on in life. No one knows what her future job will be, not even Leslie, but it will definitely be something new.