An ornament worth drinking

Slowly pour in the ingredients. Using a funnel can help keep the process clean.

Marcus Traxler Editor-in-Chief

Late in the spring 2012 semester, the folks at The Collegian were coming up with ideas for how to liven up our Juice section some. Through some banter on Twitter, we came up with “Craft or Crap,” which has seen mostly crafts over the crap. 

Because of that, I’ve been enlisted to put together the final “Craft or Crap” of this semester and it’s a good one. As a male college student who’s not really into arts and crafts, it would be tough to get me to do anything that would take too much time. So for the men out there looking for a cheap gift for a special friend, follow my lead. 

Items needed:

– Hot chocolate mix

– Chocolate, white or mint    chips

– One clear Christmas orn-

   nament (They make some  

   that have flat sides, shap-

   ing them more like flasks. 

   That works too.)

– Plastic tape

– Mini marshmallows

– A plastic funnel

– Ribbon

Cost: $10 should buy all of the items and you could make four ornaments with that.  

Craft or Crap? Craft


1.) Open up the top of your ornament and take a couple of scoops of hot chocolate mix. Place your funnel over the ornament opening and fill it about 40 or 50 percent full with your hot chocolate mix. Go ahead and level out the mix, so it sits evenly. 

2.)  Layer in the flavored chips and then follow with the marshmallows. You can add in sprinkles here too, but you want the marshmallows on top.

3.) Grab a little piece of tape to put over the opening of the ornament and then put your ornament cap back on. The tape is there for protection of the opening.  

4.) Keep this little puppy upright until the holiday because you don’t want the layers to intermix. If you find a nice small holiday box to put this in, you’re cruising to Christmas, my friend.