School essentials closed on campus when students return

Editorial Board

Issue: Neither campus dining nor the University Bookstore were accommodating to students when they returned for the spring semester.


When campus opened its doors for students this semester, a few things were left out. Residence halls opened on Jan. 11 at noon. This gave students about two days to finish their transition to campus life before classes started on Jan. 13.  However, the University Bookstore was closed, along with dining facilities on campus. Because neither service was available to students, it caused issues for those coming back, or those first arriving to SDSU. 

Being closed during the semester when students are established is one thing; but having most of the important doors closed when students return creates headaches for all  involved. 

There is a large student population that needs to prepare for classes that started at 8 a.m. on Monday, and a closed bookstore over the weekend prevents that from happening. 

Textbooks for Less, an off-campus textbook store, is normally closed on Sundays. However, they were open the Sunday students returned so they could get the supplies they need. 

In the past, classes started Wednesday at 4 p.m. rather than monday after campus opened up, which gave students plenty of time to get books and supplies. 

If SDSU wants its students to start the semester off on the right foot, the bookstore should have been open at least on Saturday, and with limited hours on Sunday. Giving students two days with no means to prepare on campus does not help them transition. 

Businesses usually plan around their customers, not the other way around. If students are coming back and need access to the bookstore services, the campus bookstore should accommodate the needs of those students. 

 Not having the bookstore open until Monday caused a backlog of students attempting to brave the long, tedious lines to get their required textbooks. And in the case of the average student, the wait times for these lines could have been so large it may have affected their schedules. 

Another grievance about accommodating students is the fact that even though some students were back for training and other various activities, campus dining was closed or hours were poorly advertised in common spaces and didn’t fully open up until Sunday. Students who came back early and live in the residence halls do not have all of the tools and or supplies needed to cook readily available. They are forced to go out to eat or run to the store to purchase the supplies necessary.

If campus is open for students to return whether early or at the designated time, dining services should be open. When students are on campus, there should be options for them to eat on campus as well.

 Stance: The SDSU bookstore and Dining Services should be open during critical times to aid student transition.