Offense and defense meet in Super Bowl XLVIII

Justin Harned Columnist


 Richard Sherman and his smash-mouth defense versus Peyton Manning and his high-flying offense? Yes please. What happens when an unstoppable force (Broncos) meets and unmovable object (Seahawks)?

After stirring up a firestorm in the media last week, Sherman and his defensive teammates seem to be taking it all in stride in a humble manner. The Seattle Seahawks were undoubtedly the best defensive unit on the field in 2013, forcing a league high 39 takeaway sand allowing just 14.4 points per game. Their opponent scored an average of two touchdowns per game and would win most teams in the NFL a lot of games. But, would you believe me if I said that the Legion of Boom wasn’t even a top 15 defense in the history of the league? They rank 19th in points per game among all NFL teams since 1970. The stats may not favor the Seahawks in the history books, but this team has chemistry and it shows. Unity and trust on the defensive side keeps this group together and they all know their roles. With arguably the best secondary in decades, the Legion of Boom forces NFL fans for their attention. 

From one legend to another, Manning has saddled up with John Elway in the Rocky Mountains. While clearly persuaded by Elway to follow him in Denver, Elway has provided Manning with a stable of receivers and has set the mark for all offenses in the NFL. Denver averaged 37.9 points per game this season and has a 76 percent red zone touchdown percentage. While the old cliché goes something like ‘defense wins championships’, that hasn’t stopped professional boxer Floyd Mayweather from betting $10.4 million on the Broncos. It’s clear that one of the best offenses of all time will face the best defense in the NFL this season on the big stage where millions will tune in. While many of you may think millions of viewers will tune in for this marquee matchup based on the teams, you’re wrong. I believe a lot of people will watch because of the weather. It’s the first cold weather Super Bowl in history and weather affects our everyday lives, even the Super Bowl and its viewership. While you may think defense thrives in cold weather games, if it gets wet or snowy the pressure is on the defensive backs.

It will be cold, Manning will throw touchdowns and Marshawn Lynch will probably eat a bag of Skittles and go ‘Beastmode.’ If I don’t get one Richard Sherman rant, my weekend will be ruined. Super Bowl XLVIII will be something else.