Heading into a stylish accessory

Keep the two strips at the same length so sewing will be easier.

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

A headband can be great accessory to a dull outfit. Buying one at the store is one thing but making one by hand can be challenging, especially for us. Picking out the fabric that we wanted to use turned out to be the difficult part. We decided that it would be easiest to just cut up an old shirt. It turned out to be a good idea, because the cotton fabric was stretchy and we also got rid of a shirt we didn’t want anymore. 

This craft was very simple to make as long as you measure it to your head before you cut the fabric. Thankfully one of us knows how to sew, otherwise the headband wouldn’t have been made. The making of it took a total of five minutes. Much easier than getting in the car and going to the store. 

Items needed:

Fabric, scissors, thread, string 

Cost: Free with things at home

Craft or Crap? Craft!


1.) Measure the fabric to

your head and cut the two

strips according.

2.)Put them in an X.

3.) Fold the middles over

each other. 

4.)  Sew the ends together.

5.) Flip it inside out.