With second semester comes harsh reality

Brianna Arity Columnist

Welcome back. Hope your break was full of annoying families and grandma’s homemade cookies.

Well, it is that time of year again; school is starting. It is the time of year when we are supposed to meet new people and run off to our new classes with nothing but excitement. Realistically, most of us probably did not want to leave the comfort of our big bed and home-cooked meals this weekend to come back for classes. The second semester seems like nothing but a chance to redo the first semester so, welcome back.

Second semester is meant to be a fine start to our New Year’s resolutions; where we say we will work out more and drink less, when some of us don’t even know where the Wellness Center is or know what the concept of “drinking water” is. 

Welcome back to the part of your life where you count down the days until spring break and summer vacation, and the only math you will do is the lowest possible passing percentage you can receive in a class. This semester is where all students realize how unprepared they actually are for real life.

This isn’t to say school is bad or that second semester is everyone’s nightmare, there is some good that comes from returning from a long break. Maybe you are excited to see your friends and hear all about their adorable engagement stories, but are then reminded of how you might end up living alone with your 10 cats for the rest of your life… Maybe you are excited to get your hands on a nice brand-new book but then find that you used up your only highlighter coloring in your anatomy book the semester before … maybe you are excited to save a little money on used, torn up books but find out they are now nonreturnable because you spilled your expensive campus coffee on it … and then maybe you are one of the few that are not worried about school at all. Maybe you are one of those “laid back” students that have only one pencil and two notebooks but still manage to make it work for all 18 credits you are taking. 

All in all, you will most likely find something you are excited for, whether you will admit it or not. For me, it is the chance to see my closest friends that I have made throughout the last couple of years. They say you meet your lifelong friends in college, which I hope is true. Whatever it is, I am sure you will find yourself making new memories, both good and bad. 

My challenge for you is to take out that bucket list and start crossing items off of it. Whether you cross off “Get a tattoo,” “Hold the record for the longest keg stand at SDSU,” or “Take the roping steer outside of Pierson Hall,” do it. On second thought, do it, but don’t break the law. This new semester is a fresh start for many people and it should be, so just enjoy your classes, enjoy good company, and enjoy this semester. You never know what you will find yourself studying, highlighting, or even liking.

P.S. remember that “my roommate ate my homework” isn’t an acceptable excuse. Challenge yourself, good luck, and have fun.



Brianna Arity is majoring in early childhood education. She can be reached at [email protected].