Stay warm, look cute with winter styles

Jordan Smith Editor-in-Chief


 I’m tired of always having to bundle up to go anywhere. Obviously … it’s winter. I don’t even feel like getting dressed up anymore because by the time I put on two pairs of pants, three shirts, a jacket, a hat, scarf and gloves – what’s the point. 

Well the point is when I get somewhere and strip all of these layers off to sit in a hot classroom … I look like a slob. What I’ve learned is this: layers can be cute when done right. Instead of opting for baggy sweatpants, (save those for the gym), when it is really cold those leggings from fall can go nicely under a pair of jeans. Another option if you are yearning for your dresses… pair them with tights. Sweater tights are a warmer option and have a cute texture that can add a little something to your outfit. 

Fall sweaters are still functional in winter with the right layering too. A plain colored long-sleeved shirt is a great addition to any outfit. It can add some contrast and most importantly, warmth. Another great piece to layer over long-sleeve shirts is a vest. Whether it is your jean vest from summer or a warm winter vest, vests are a good way to add a piece of interest to your outfit, while also creating extra warmth. 

Don’t forget scarves. Stylish, yet practical. They protect your face and neck but unlike turtlenecks, are a cute way to cover up your neck. (Personally I feel like I am being strangled whenever I wear a turtleneck). They can also dress up your plain shirt or sweater. Knit scarves make your outfit look cozy but not sloppy. 

Accessorizing can be a bit tricky—metal jewelry – even earrings – can be cold as one treks across campus. Instead accessorize with a headband. This way your hair will not blow in your face and when you reach your destination, you can control flyaways. 

Hats are warm but that doesn’t mean they can’t be stylish. Slouchy beanies are not tight to your head so they will not give you unnecessary hat hair while you walk across campus. You can also get away with wearing them during class since it is so cold. 

Another option for accessorizing (under gloves) is wintery nail polish. Dark hues and jewel tones go well with winter fashion and are a simple way to accessorize – without putting on cold jewelry. 

Most importantly is your footwear. It gets slick outside in winter, so wearing riding boots is usually out of the question. Wearing flats or shoes of similar styles is not practical. You can’t tell me you don’t get snow in there, and your feet just look cold. Opt for stylish but functional boots. Choosing boots with rubber soles does not mean that they have to be ugly. Check out Target for stylish options, or be adventurous and see what the local thrift store has to offer. 

While winter can cause cabin fever, don’t let that stop you from getting out and experimenting with winter style.