Make the indoors fun for everyone

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

Here are some of my favorite things to do when it’s below zero outside and I’m stuck indoors: 

Any board/card game – My favorite games are Life and Uno, but it’s your choice not mine. A new game that I heard about is the M&M, get to know you game – It requires a minimum of two players. First, take a handful of M&M’s and then answer the questions that you designate to correspond to the color and number of M&M. If you get more than one of a certain color, you need to answer the question that goes with the amount: 

-Yellow: What makes you happy? -Blue: What are your future dreams? -Brown: What are some toiletries you could not live without? -Green: What is your favorite subject in school? -Red: Who is the man of your dreams? -Orange: What are some things that you do well? 

A simple movie night – Instead of going out in the cold, have your friends come in. Look up some new snacks to try and the best movies to watch. Or maybe you could have a sleep over, wear your coziest pajamas and paint your nails with your friends. 

Cleaning/organizing – You can always guess the age of a person when this is on their “fun” list, but you would be surprised how much can get done when you’re bored out of your mind or stuck indoors. You can make labels, sweep under furniture and really get that clutter under control. You might even think about redecorating while you’re at it. 

DIY night – Do it yourself! There are so many cool things out there, like making your own face mask or knitting a whole new wardrobe. Invite some friends over and start being creative. 

Who wants to go outside? Not me, not in this weather. It’s so cold that it literally hurts to walk outside. Staying indoors is the only option, but there’s nothing fun to do indoors. Unless you would like to watch TV or do homework, which doesn’t sound that great to me. Not to mention that almost every indoor activity is designed for little kids craft time. Do I look 5 years old? I didn’t think so.