Spend the money, it’s worth it

Subash Yadav Columnist


I am not sure how many of you went to the Annual Nepal Nite organized by the Nepalese Student Association but if you didn’t, you missed out big time. The whole event was orchestrated so well with great set up, delicious food, wonderful performances, and a full house audience. All of NESA community did a wonderful job with this event. 

I know that a lot of students hesitate to go to these cultural events either because they think it’s too expensive (average of $8-$10) or it’s only for international students from that region and neither of it is true. These events usually spend a major chunk of their funds on food which is not your everyday meal. Then there are performances and materials that give you insight on the culture and history about those countries. You honestly learn quite a bit. The experience you will receive from this kind of diversity in culture and food for under $10 is rare. 

Don’t feel bad if you missed Nepal Nite. Other events like India Night (March 23), China Night, Africa Night and many more are yet to come. It’s the best way to learn about other countries and cultures without going to those places.  The food is always good too. 

Since I just got back from Nepal Night, here is a recipe of the fruit salad that was served. 

Before I give you the recipe, let me tell you this: we don’t have recipes for a lot of food that we eat. There is an idea of what it should taste like and then you use your creativity. 

Try to use some minced mint in it, pumpkin pie spice or even Saffron. Be creative. 

Yogurt fruit salad:

Vanilla yogurt – 3 cups

Apple (red delicious) – 1 diced about ½ inch square

Banana – 1 (thinly sliced)

Grapes – 1 cup (halved)

Strawberry – ½ cup sliced 

Cardamom powder – ½ teaspoon

Cinnamon powder (optional) – ½ teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients and it’s ready to eat. Feel free to top it with some granola and/or flax seed. It will be a perfect healthy afternoon snack or even breakfast. 

Tips: Use frozen strawberries, it’s cheaper. This is a perfect low calorie and healthy snack if you are still keeping up with your New Year’s resolution to stay fit.