Downtown Brookings gives students variety of drink options

By AMANDA SIEFKEN Opinion Editor


 When going out for drinks, finding the perfect place really depends on what environment you are looking for that night. The different atmospheres of places to go in Brookings can meet any person’s wants or needs. 

“Skinners has a great environment to hang out with friends,” said junior Leslie Neilsen. 

The most popular places to go out and have a drink in town are both Cubby’s Sports Bar & Grill and the 9 Bar & Nightclub. These two places have been popular for the people of Brookings to go for many years, and both tied last year for the best place to get a drink, like they did this year. 

Going downtown in Brookings gives the average person a multitude of options on where to go, or at least where to start. Most of the bars in town are all within a block or two of Main Street, for easy access and ability to travel between them all. 

Cubby’s and the 9, like any other bars, have their busy nights, as well as their slow nights, but both provide a welcoming atmosphere on any given day. 

Cubby’s has food with a more sporty and relaxed atmosphere, whereas The 9 provides a dance floor and a more “dressed up to go out” feeling. There are highs and lows to every bar, and Brookings is no exception to this idea; however, of the options that Brookings has, these two bars stick out the most, as well as have the highest number of people on average every weekend. 

Being able to socialize and hang out with the people you go out with, or possibly meet new people, is one of the biggest draws to bars, and these top two places do not fall short in this realm. Having a comfortable environment to socialize and relax after a long week is a must for college kids, and the fact that these two bars have that and are a comfortable environment for the students of SDSU, brings them to the top of the list. 

Being the best bar in Brookings would not seem like a major accomplishment to some people, but there is a bigger idea behind this. It is not rare to see a person wearing a Cubby’s sweatshirt around the state. People love their bars, and are not ashamed to show it. Brookings was recently named the fifth drunkest city in the nation from, and it is pretty likely that the drunk people the survey relates to, are from downtown. 

When people of legal age go out to drink in town, it would not be rare to see them either going into or coming out of one of these bars that night. Downtown offers 10 bars or places to drink, and all of them have their own benefits. 

“I like being in Wooden Legs Brewery because it is almost like being in a beer factory, they just make such great beer,” said junior Justin Harned. 

Wooden Legs is a bar that recently opened in Brookings and brews all of their own beer. 

Everyone has their own ideal environment for a night on the town; so whether you are just turning 21, or have not found your downtown “home” yet, find the bar that fits you best. 

“I like Pints and Quarts because it is always casual and the employees are really friendly,” said senior Allison Sherard. “They have a great atmosphere to be able to talk to friends, as well the drawing on the walls, make Skinners a great place to go here in Brookings.”