College town picks: best places to grab a bite to eat

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Brookings. One of them being Cubby’s. It could be their 55 TVs or their award winning menu items that make them so popular. Either way, they were voted the best drink specials, favorite bar, and favorite sports bar. 

Burgers seem to be the most popular menu item, according to Cubby’s manager Chris Stoltenberg. He said, “During the summer time, salads seem to be more popular, but throughout the year our nachos, appetizers, and most of all burgers seem to be the most popular.” 

College students are the main contributors to their business. Diana Perkins, freshman graphic design major, said, “I liked the atmosphere and the cheese balls were very good.” 

Something about the way Cubby’s is set up brings in business. It is meant for watching sports, so the 55 TV’s are placed everywhere. No matter where you look, you’re bound to see a game. This seems to bring in quite a lot of business whenever there’s a game on TV, and they’re serving their famous appetizers. 

Buffalo Wild Wings, also known as B-Dubs, took over the wings category. Voted best wings in Brookings, B-Dubs has been enjoyed by many college students. Jordan Miller, sophomore global studies major likes “the atmosphere and the wings are amazing.” 

With many different flavors of wings and sports on all the TVs, Buffalo Wild Wings has been made popular. They have deals that help with the college student budget, which may be why they are so popular. On Tuesday, they have specially priced wings and on Thursday the boneless wings are also specially priced. Whether you like boneless or not, there’s usually a deal. 

“I go to Buffalo Wild Wings for the prepaid fights and the deals. I usually go two to three times a week; it’s a problem,” said Ben Mitchell, junior athletic trainer. 

There’s no limit to how many times that you can go to Buffalo Wild Wings. Sports playing in the background and wings for any taste, Buffalo Wild Wings is meant for college students. 

Perkins’ breakfast is another winner of Student’s Choice. The reason most of the college students eat there is for their breakfast. Lauren Shell, freshman pre-nursing major said, “I go to Perkins, the breakfast is for sure my favorite.” 

There may not always be sports on the television, there’s always a crowd. J.J. Johnson, senior exercise science major said, “I don’t really eat at Perkins, the breakfast is my favorite and they’re always pretty packed, so I don’t eat there very often.” 

Perkins has breakfast served all day long, which gives it a special touch.