Choosing to be happy, even in class

Amanda Siefken Opinion Editor

When is the last time you did something because it was what you wanted? For some people, it has been a while, and I do not understand why people are choosing to live their lives in a way that doesn’t make them happy. The one thing that most of us have in common, is that we are here at SDSU working towards that magical piece of paper that gets us the job we want. Getting that piece of paper is not easy though, there are many introductory classes that seem like a waste of time and money, and we can’t forget about the 400 level classes that feel like they are going to kill us. Taking classes is not usually what people remember about their times in college, but why not?

I am a political science major, getting minors in English and management. I fully understand that for some people, that sounds like torture, but I feel the same about math or engineering. Everyone is different, and from the time we are old enough to understand about our futures, we are asked what we want to do, which subsequently turns into, what our major will be. I have seen people in majors they hate because it is what their parents want, or because they couldn’t think of anything else, so they settled. 

Everyone needs to stop settling. 

Am I taking classes on political philosophy, or British literature to make anyone else happy? No. I am taking these classes because I enjoy what we discuss and what I am learning. This semester is the first in which I can say that I actually enjoy all of my classes. As a junior, it kind of stinks that I have not said this before now, but if what I am learning about now, is what I get to do for the rest of my life, I know I will be happy. I am not saying that I enjoy walking to UPD every afternoon for class, but once I get there, I know I will relax and enjoy learning. 

What a concept. Enjoying these very expensive classes means that I am in the right major, right?

If you find yourself hating your classes, dreading your homework every day, or not caring about what your teacher is saying, then maybe you need to look deeper. Granted, there are political science classes that I am not taking, because they do not interest me, but I will be able to graduate and have enjoyed the time I spent in these classrooms. Picking a major is not easy for many people, which is why our university has an exploratory studies major, or as most of us know it, the undecided major. Figure out what you love, or at least what you like. Take a class on it, and see how it feels. Getting a degree in something you hate is pointless and makes all the effort just a waste. 

There are tons of majors here at SDSU, and you can add minors so you still get to take some classes outside of your major specific ones. Classes should be fun, or at least enjoyable. Some people might not understand why you are in the major you are in, or may think it’s stupid, but always remind yourself when these moments happen that your major exists because you are not the only one that likes it, and if you are doing what you love, then it doesn’t really matter what other people think. This world needs teachers, this world needs scientists, and this world even needs law students like me. Everyone has a different dream, and maybe yours will start when you start living for yourself, and doing something just because you want to.


Amanda Siefken is majoring in Political Science. She can be reached at [email protected]