Dancing with the stars: March 5

Sara Bertsch News Editor

It’s finally here, the finale of Dancing with the Stars. Wednesday, March 5 at 8 p.m. will mark the last dance of the remaining three couples. It will be a night to remember. Last week the theme was Country Night and the finale week is Dancer’s Choice. Last week, Kelli Aarstad made a special appearance as a judge in place of Kayla Struck. Also, a new judge will take Willburn’s place this week, the 2014 Hobo Day Grand Pooba Scott DesLauriers. On Country Night, there was an impressive showcase of talent; however, one couple had to go. Even though they proved to have a strong talent for country, Maddi and D’Sean were eliminated after a not-so-hot performance the previous week. The remaining three couples, Kirby and KySean, Kate and Martin and Alex and Dana will compete for the ultimate title. So, stay tuned folks because there is no guessing what these couples will do on the last night.