Will you marry me? A Campanile proposal

By EMILY BOUTA Juice Editor


 Love is in the air at SDSU. On March 15, groom-to-be Josh Robertson proposed to his fiancé Amy Colehour in front of the Campanile.

About a year and a half ago, the loving couple met each other on eHarmony, as Robertson put it, “a modern 21st century meeting.” 

When he thought of proposing, the Campanile just came to him. Robertson wanted to bring her back to where he grew up. Proposing in front of the Campanile was something that came to Robertson’s mind when he was living just down the road from campus. 

“Quite honestly I hadn’t thought it was that irregular, I grew up down the road from there and I always thought it was a cool place,” Robertson said, “I just thought of it when I came back to Brookings.”

Robertson graduated from SDSU with a history major, and Colehour from Minneapolis. He grew up in Brookings and went to school in his hometown. He moved to be with Colehour, they currently live together in Minneapolis. Robertson works for a company selling medical supplies, while Colehour works in marketing.

Since they are recently engaged they’re still on the search for the perfect wedding plans. 

“We’re still in the search for everything like that [wedding ideas}. We want it to happen this fall but we’re still on the search for a venue,” Robertson said.

In the future, the couple is planning on staying in Minneapolis. Who knows where they will get married? All that matters is that she said yes.