Reflection on first year in Brookings

Emily Bouta Juice Editor


 Looking back on my transition from senior year of high school to freshman year of college, I have only one word, irrelevant. I had a great time and have some good and bad memories from the year, but the classes and the generals were that one word, irrelevant. 

I can now say that I have more close friends, and I can cross some things off of my bucket list. But class wise not so much. The only things that I have learned this year is that, the more clubs you join and jobs you have, the less you have to worry about those generals. 

Why would journalism majors need to take algebra two? Answer: because those first two years of college aren’t important. Just generals and figuring out if we made the right choice with our major. Junior and senior year is when we get internships and connect more with our chosen school. 

Senior year of high school and freshman year of college is kind of the same. We both end up confused and not sure if what we’re about to get oursleves into is a good choice or not. Yet freshmen have to take high school classes but pride themselves in the fact that they’re adults now. 

A discovery that I have made is that, senior year of high school and freshman year of college are totally different. Have you heard of that question, why do we allow freshmen in college to make life choices when only a few months ago they had to ask to use the bathroom? It’s true, it’s all true. There has never been a more true statement as to why incoming freshmen are the way they are.

We, as freshmen, are still a little confused about how life works now and we are projecting that confusion onto others. I know, personally, that my year has been a little chaotic, heck I still don’t know if journalism is what I want to do, I like it right now and that’s all that matters. 

Life is simple and it only seems fitting to live life now. Use the cliché, YOLO if you must. But that’s what going into freshman year is about. You can’t think that you should do something, after all when you look back at college you want to have no regrets.

My freshman year of college has gone by quickly, but not quick enough that I haven’t seen the mistakes that these up and coming adults have made, because guess what? Everyone is human and has their own personalities. High school had cliques and back-stabbing friendships, college does have cliques and back stabbing friendships but these people are going to be friends for a long time. What happens in college is more important than what happens in high school. 

College is meant to figure yourself out, what you want to be when you grow up and what you want to accomplish. High school is done and over with, not as much drama and not as much annoying people. 

Move onto the fact that it’s college now and you need to grow up. That’s what my transition has taught me.

Emily Bouta is majoring in journalism. She can be reached at [email protected]