IMPACT makes a statement


 With an audience of 265 people, the annual IMPACT dance showcase had another successful year with 18 different dance styles and 38 dancers who showed off their moves on April 10th.

This year was the fifth annual showcase sponsored by the Dance Club. For dancers to be featured in the annual showcase, they must audition, according to the dance club adviser Billy Wilburn.

There were a total of 17 performances with a brief intermission. Of the performances, there were solos, duets and group dances from hip hop, pointe, step and more. 

“We had a really nice turnout, there was a lot of variety in the show. I thought that it was a really good production,” Willburn said. “… It’s always to showcase the talent that’s on campus, more than anything.”

According to Sydnie Bertrand, vice president of the club, this year was no different from previous years. 

“There is always a variety of dance styles as well as people in the show and that is what makes participating in it so much fun,” Bertrand said.

One of the performers from IMPACT, Martin Jackson, aviation major, said, “IMPACT is for dancers to come together and do what they love to do. It’s a place where passion and creativity come together and we are allowed to show people a beautiful art form.”

The Dance Club meets weekly. They do a large number of styles of dance from ballet to belly dancing. Other styles include jazz, hip-hop, celtic, step, modern, lyrical, contemporary and even Zumba said Bertrand. 

With all of these varieties of dance, the club is able to keep students’ interest as well as have an environment where everyone can forget about homework, jobs and most importantly stay stress free. 

“I like the fun easy going low stress environment. There isn’t any pressure to learn. You can show up and have fun learning something new or dusting off your skills,” Bertrand said. 

The Dance Club is open to anyone has an interest in dance. Previous experience is not required. 

“It’s a judgment free zone… You don’t have to be a dancer. The whole point is that every week we get together to learn different styles of dance. Just have a really stress free fun time,” Wilburn said. 

President of the Dance Club, Cassandra Schulte has been a part of the dance club for four years. She said the purpose of the showcase is to give everyone the opportunity to show what they have learned and give them a chance to perform original choreography.

“The dances that were showcased in IMPACT were fun to watch, and it was wonderful to see how much talent the students at SDSU have,” Schulte said. “Most of the dances had personal meanings, and that was great to experience and see how everyone has a great connection with dance.” 

Schulte finds that the dance club and IMPACT showcase is a great way to relieve stress. It takes her mind of the many other things going on with school.

“My favorite part of dance club is getting the chance to get together with other people that share the same passion of dance that I have,” Schulte said. “It is a great way to not have to focus on anything in the middle of the week and to just dance and not be stressed.”