21 & Over represents reality

Emily Bouta Juice Editor

 A movie about, basically, a 21st birthday in college. A best friend trio, Miller, Casey and Jeff Chang reunite for Jeff’s 21st birthday. All of Jeff’s stress that he was feeling comes out and he gets ridiculously drunk. Now you think that would be enough, but the night of his birthday is also the night before his big medical school interview, which his strict dad set up for him. 

Now the movie is rated R, for good reasons. There is swearing galore, but that’s part of the movie. 21 & Over is a movie about three friends finding themselves again. I would recommend the movie to anyone who is of age. It brings in the element of what college really is like: drinking, partying and getting the chance to experience adulthood. All while being drunk of course. 

The reason why this movie interested me is because I am under 21. I thought it would be a cool glimpse into what my 21st birthday could be, which it did; the things that could go wrong, such as getting written on after I passed out or being dragged all around town. 

21 & Over was a movie that represented college students letting lose. Let it be known that not all college students are like that. But I’m also not saying that we aren’t.