Nice weather finally in the forecast

Brianna Arity Columnist


 We are in the middle of the bipolar season in South Dakota; shorts one day and Eskimo jackets the next. Do not let it fool you, summer is coming, I promise.

When the snow melts away and the sun comes out, we will trade those flannel pajamas for our fake-tanned, bikini bodies. Our soft UGG boots and snow shoes will be traded for our nice squeaky shower shoes, and we will clasp onto them until the blistering sunburns are too much to handle. The sun’s out which brings the guns out, right guys? Bro tanks and snap backs are back in season and whether you like them or not, we cannot avoid them. Tis the season for cutoffs and sandals because, thank the lord, the snow is finally melting.

We live in South Dakota, where when it breaks 50 degrees we streak across campus, just because we can. We live in a state where when it snows and is sunny at the same time, we question everything in our lives. We go to SDSU where we get upset when the snow covers our plastic roping steer, and campus doesn’t know how to shovel or plow any snow out of the way. The weather is the biggest mystery of our lifetime here, and it seems like we are just the audience participating in Mother Nature’s schizophrenic ways. 

With this warm weather, comes less clothing. Please read this carefully, this does not mean more skin is better. You may feel the need to show off your body in a various amount of ways… but please don’t. We still live in a society where nakedness is not fully accepted (yet). Unless you are a confused elder who just escaped from your old folk’s home, you will be judged; and even then, people will just laugh and try to take you back to where you come from. Clothes should be your friend. Naked in public is never acceptable.

Warm weather can bring out the crazy in people and the longboards seem to multiply daily. It can also bring out the koozies, the bonfires, the lawn chairs and the good times.

Personally, I cannot wait for the warm weather. South Dakota sure makes it difficult to dream of spring and summer, but we are trying to keep our dreams alive. You can always tell when warm weather is on its way because of the shady streaks of orange plastered on girl’s skin. It is like watching Halloween and everyone is dressed up as pumpkins. Another giveaway that summer is coming is when girls spend hours on the butt lifting machine at the Wellness Center; just trying to tame their wild side. The tan lines miraculously disappear when it is nice out, the hair goes up, and Jesus sandals are put on. It is a way of life out here in the prairie. Country music is blaring, marshmallows are roasted and you’re on a boat. 

It is no secret that we can’t wait for summer, and why not? We are cooped up in the frigid snow, wind and rain most of year. We should look forward to sunny days and clear starry nights. So put the selfies away for a minute, you look like you’re just in pain anyway. Hold on to the nice weather because you never know when it will disappear again for months at a time.

Brianna Arity is majoring in early childhood education. She can be reached at [email protected]