New leadership wishes to extend campus radio’s reach

John Schmidt Web Editor


 The student ran media at SDSU will be seeing some new and old leadership next fall. 

24 hours a day KSDJ signals are transmitted from the top of Wagner Hall into the radios of those who tune in within the 10-mile radius.

Senior Michael Moges will be the new program director at KSDJ next year. 

“I love music and generally talking about everything related to music,” Moges said. “I got to talking with some DJs and they made me want to be a DJ so I applied and loved it.”

Program directors find and develop content to broadcast on the radio, they work along side station managers and creative director to run the station. 

“I would love to eventually host an event this coming year that could bring the station and the campus together,” Moges said. “[KSDJ is] just a fun way to experience radio work and have a show that would normally not be provided to students.”

Future station manager, Christina Boerger got into KSDJ when her sister asked her to be a DJ. 

“I was at a weird place in my life, didn’t have many hobbies,” Boerger said. After some time as a DJ with her sister, Boerger got “more involved” and jumped in to being a program director moving up to the station manager. 

Boerger reflected on a time where her and her sister got 12 call-ins during a two-hour show. “[Callers] made me realize that people were listening . . . you don’t really know who is listening,” Boerger said. “It was like a moment of glory.”

With its new leadership, KSDJ looks to get more involved in student life. Boerger said they will be starting to broadcast Students’ Association meetings. 

“I want more involvement,” Boerger said. “[KSDJ] is a resource for clubs and organizations to promote themselves.”

Along with student organization and club awareness, KSDJ can also be viewed has a fun pastime. 

“[KSDJ] can even be an outlet where people can have a show they like doing because it lets them play the songs they want to play or talking about things that interest them,” Moges said.

Boerger also mentioned her efforts to try and have KSDJ played and discussed about in other places around Brookings. 

Boerger will be working with a local roller derby team to advertise each other. “We want to make [KSDJ] more known around Brookings,” Boerger said. 

Radio is a very traditional form of media, one that hasn’t really changed over time. Boerger thinks it’s still relevant and unique compared to other forms of media. 

There is a lot of imagination involved in radio, according to Boerger. “[Radio] is your voice, not your actions,” Boerger said. “You don’t have anything to show them.”

KSDJ is 90.7FM and runs 24 hours a day. The ability to stream online is also available for listeners.