My Jacks Card

South Dakota State University student I.D. cards got a facelift and a name change this semester. The new cards are called the MyJacks Card and while they have the same function as old I.D. cards, they have a new look.

 The initial idea for a new student I.D. card came up because there was confusion surrounding the name for the card. Students would come in to card services for an I.D. card and didn’t know what to refer to it as. Students referred to it as a Hobo Dough card or were unsure what functions the student I.D. card provided said Campus Card Services Manager Kendell Rohrbach.

 To come with the name, Card Services partnered with The Union, and Jennifer Novotny, executive director of The Union, talked to student groups on campus and narrowed it down to one name which helps market the card as a whole, said Jessica Peterson, Card Services program assistant II.

 Three years ago the card was changed from swipe only, so students were required to get a new ID, but any students who received an ID in 2011 or newer are not required to get a MyJacks Card. The card has the same functionality as the recent change, but a different design.

 As in past years, University Marketing and Communications came up with the design for the card.

 If students want the new card, they can trade in their old card in working condition for a half price upgrade ($10). A full replacement is $20.

 There are 15 off-campus locations that accept Hobo Dough. Some are new additions and some have been accepting Hobo Dough for many years. Students have been able to use Hobo Dough at Backyard Grill for five years said owner Alan Elenkiwich.  Backyard Grill reached out to SDSU and Card Services to get involved.

Card Services is working on adding locations that accept Hobo Dough. Two new locations students can use Hobo Dough at are Mixed, which recently opened in Village Square, and students can pay for carry out at Papa Johns.

“The SDSU students are a wonderful group to work with,” Elenkiwich said. “The students are  like another city for us.”

 Card services are working on promotions and discounts throughout the school year, in order to drive traffic to their website and the MyJacks Card Facebook page as well as increase use of Hobo Dough.

 On Thursdays and Fridays throughout the school year, businesses will be featured on the Hobo Dough Facebook page with advertisements for deals students may be able to get when paying with Hobo Dough. Because it is the first year of the program, card services is still working with businesses on promotions and deals, but the Facebook page will be updated with promotions, discounts and contests where students can win a Hobo Dough deposit.

 Another added feature is a MyJacks Card website – where students can find the orientation video about the card, a list of venues that Hobo Dough is accepted and will feature contest winners.

 The MyJacks Card can also be managed through the website. Students can mark their card as lost and freeze it, so that they money on the account cannot be used. Once the card is found, students can unfreeze the account, and don’t have to get a new card. There is also a link that students can access to reload their Hobo Dough. There are instructions on how to use the app. Hobo Dough app was created about a year ago,and starting in 2013, students were introduced to it during New Student Orientation.

 Through the contests and promotions, Card Services wants to spark the use of Hobo Dough, and boost the name of the card, Peterson said.  “We want to make it convenient for students to use the card.”