Police blockade adds to move-in weekend chaos


A single-car accident at 8th St. and 16th Ave. resulted in a police blockade lasting until approximately 9 p.m. The individual involved is in custody. 

Staff Reports

Move-in weekend took an eventful turn Friday evening following a one-vehicle car crash.

Around 6:00 p.m., the University Police Department and Brookings Police blockaded the area around 8th Street and 16th Avenue following the crash. The car hit a tree and the driver fled the scene. The individual involved is believed to be involved in a burglary and robbery that occurred earlier that afternoon.

An investigation of a burglary incident in Brookings County earlier in the day started in the Brookings County Sheriff’s office, but the one-car crash at 8th Street and 16th Avenue spurred the search by the Brookings Police Department. The vehicle involved had been reported stolen to BPD a few days before, said Lieutenant Derrick Powers.

Assisted by the South Dakota Highway Patrol, police blockaded the area and advised that people were not in danger and should avoid the area. The area was blocked off because the police were utilizing a tracking dog to find where the suspect went on foot, and police did not want people on foot coming and going from the area during that time. Streets were blocked off to avoid traffic jams in the area, and BDP didn’t want people wandering the area where the suspect fled the scene, Powers said.

A short time after beginning the investigation, police received information as to who they were looking for and identified the suspect wasn’t in the area.

The car was removed from the scene, but police remained. About three hours after the crash, all roads were reopened and few police remained.

City of Brookings Chief of Police Jeff Miller notified SDSU that the suspect is in custody as of Friday evening. The suspect was located in Volga.

The suspect has been identified as 20 year old Michael Ramon of Brookings. Ramon is being held in the Brookings County Detention Center on charges of first degree robbery, first degree burglary, commission of felony while armed,aggravated assault, grand theft, intentional damage to property, and ingesting a toxic substance.