Rames makes transition to DSU

After 27 years at SDSU, Marysz Rames might have some trouble picking just one memorable moment from her time on campus. However, she will tell you that having the opportunity to help and work with

students has kept her going, and she hopes to continue this work at Dakota State University in Madison, S.D. as the interim president.

Following the resignation of David Borofsky, former president of DSU, the South Dakota Board of Regents appointed Rames, vice president of student affairs at SDSU, as interim president. As of Aug. 13 Rames began making the transition from SDSU to DSU. 

“It’s really a great opportunity for me to have some experience over at DSU providing leadership to that campus in the presidential role,” Rames said. She will continue to switch back and forth between SDSU and DSU until mid-September when she will work full time in Madison. Student Affairs will not select an interim vice president, but will split up responsibilities among remaining staff. “It will be team play so to speak,” Rames said. 

During her 27 years at SDSU, Rames has served as vice president for 14 years. She has spearheaded a number of student success initiatives including the Summer “Bridge” Program which allows students to complete remedial coursework prior to the start of fall semester. Rames has served as faculty adviser for the SDSU Students’ Association. In her absence, Sam Jennings and Doug Wermedal will serve as the faculty advisers for SA.

“I will miss being at [the SA] Monday night meetings and working with them directly and I hope to keep my relationships with them as strong as I can,” Rames said. As Rames is not a candidate for the permanent position of DSU’s president, The Board of Regents will conduct a national search in the upcoming months. Following the appointment of a new president, Rames will return to SDSU some time early next summer. 

While at DSU, Rames will work with faculty, staff and students on key priorities for the campus including strategic planning. In the coming months, Rames says she is excited to work with campus and continue to move the university forward while also gaining experience by providing leadership to the campus in the presidential role. 

“It’s a great place, I absolutely love SDSU and the Jackrabbit family, I get to work with the students every day and an excellent staff that is so committed, but I am excited to have the opportunity to do the same at DSU,” Rames said.