Do you dare admit that you have dreams?

     Dreams are important in today’s society. Dreams are the driving force behind most of our actions, in terms of our future. Of course that could be just something we like to tell the younger generations, in order to keep them in school and out of trouble. I mean, isn’t it obvious that nowadays the only way to be “successful” is to receive a higher education of some sort. The only way of doing that is by staying in school, so we are taught at an early age to set goals for ourselves, in order to be successful in life. These goals that we set nine times out of 10, tend to be based on the income of that dream job. If you noticed, how we try to set goals for ourselves, or the even the fact that society has pushed us into believing that setting up goals for ourselves is the only way to live, in this day and age. You will understand my confusion, about the whole dreaming big concept, or rather lack thereof. With this being said, my confusion really boils down to one thing. Why is being considered a dreamer, in today’s world, automatically denoted as a bad thing?

     Another point of my confusion would be, that if you call dreams “goals” people seem to support you more.  I have even heard someone say that another person should get their heads out of the clouds and should start living in the real world and set goals for themselves. But in all actuality dreams and goals are one in the same. Does it really make that much of a difference in the two words?

    To put it in perspective for us college kids, remember when your parents would tell you that you could be anything you wanted to be. Then you hit high school and teachers started to crack down on you and made you feel like you couldn’t accomplish anything. But, somehow you made it to you college, trying to pursue your dreams. If you weren’t pushed by your parents at a young age to follow your dreams and what made you happy, do you think that you would be here? Now imagine this, what if you parents were forcing the idea of having goals and they were saying dreams were a bad thing. Would you actually be here?

    Most of the great things in the world, wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for dreams. For example: Automobiles, equality and the greatest university in the world, SDSU. Dreams are the driving force behind most of the action that we partake in on a daily basis. Just remember that when you hear someone bashing a dreamer next time. I can tell you that I am one of the biggest dreamer that ever was. Until next time.