The student’s station

Tune your radios to 90.7 and you’ll get the chance to hear a large variety of music and radio shows just like many radio stations. Unlike most stations, however, KSDJ is entirely student run and it’s broadcast from the basement of The Union.

According to Station Manager Christina Boerger, KSDJ is multifaceted when it comes to serving its listeners. The station provides SDSU and the greater Brookings Community with an alternative music option, instead of the “basic top-ten hits that are constantly on repeat on local stations,” Boerger said.

KSDJ has a variety of program directors and leadership roles, all filled by students. The station provides a number of different shows to listener, including shows about sports and news. The music even varies from blues and jazz to 60s and old country, Michael Moges, program director, said.

“Anyone can do a show, you just have to have an idea and get involved,” Moges said. Students can pick up an application if they have an idea for the show, or by contacting Moges or Boerger. Each semester leadership positions open up including news director, music director and creative director.

“[KSDJ] is a great opportunity to put into practice what [students] learn in the classroom and what they want to do outside of school,” Jenn Novotny, director of The Union said.

In the past several years, the station has really grown. This year, the station has the highest number of DJs in years, and the station has become more active and known in the Brookings community. The station even got a new look in recent years, with a new color scheme, website, and a re-design of the actual station, Boerger said.

Every year the station improves in programming and concepts for radio shows, as students will pair up and do “really awesome and hilarious shows,” Novotny said. 

The station not only provides good music and interesting shows, but it also allows those involved to work on leadership skills, and broaden their experiences, Novotny said.

“It’s a vibrant experience for people who listen,” Novotny said. One of the main ways KSDJ serves SDSU students is through the awareness it raises for campus groups.

“Clubs and other various organizations on campus can utilize KSDJ to bring publicity to events they are hosting or to bring more awareness and potential membership,” Boerger said.

In the future, Boerger hopes to see KSDJ utilized more by SDSU organizations as well as by local businesses and establishments who could advertise, or potentially broadcast the station. The station is always looking for more involvement from clubs and students in general.

“It is an awesome outlet for stress reduction, and to express yourself. It is just fun, and I want to stress to students how being more involved on campus truly enhances your college experience,” Boerger said.

According to Boerger, as part of the SDSU campus, KSDJ is more linked into SDSU events and is more accessible to students.

“We’re just trying to be the outlet for campus, the more students involved, the better our organization will be,” Moges said.