Does pretty hurt?

By: Kysean Gregory

 Does pretty really hurt? My question for this week: How far will the standards of beauty stretch before we are all filled with plastic? I’m not bashing the idea of body modifications, I personally love them. I mean look at me, I have piercings, tattoos and colored hair. But at the same time I don’t believe in the fact that some people who make modifications to their bodies try to lie about it. Why not own it? Another thing that bothers me, is that people tend to look down on people for getting these things done to their bodies while at the same time complaining about their body and calling themselves “ugly.” If you don’t like something and you could change it, why wouldn’t you? I was always taught to make changes to what I didn’t like.

   When someone takes the saying, pretty hurts and replies with something like, “oh my god, yeah Beyoncé has it so hard …,” they aren’t thinking about the concept of becoming “pretty”. With the society we live in it is rather difficult to be considered relevant. Some of my friends will spend hours at the gym just to become more attractive. Or some of my friends who can go days without eating just to feel like they are a tad bit thinner.   So, does pretty really hurt? I would have to agree with the queen herself, Beyoncé, who released a song titled Pretty Hurts, and it showed some of the real struggles of being pretty today in the music video for the song.

  I would love to point out the fact that females get so defensive when a guy accidentally says something wrong concerning their image, but fail to realize that a lot guys have the same feeling toward their body. And yet, it seems like women are desensitized to the fact that maybe guys struggle with self-images as well. So they feel like they can just sit there and talk about a guy’s body anyway they would like to. Since they are female, nothing should be said back to them concerning their body because they have it worse than males. The last time I checked both genders were human and they both go through puberty. Although all that is true, it doesn’t change the fact that people feel more comfortable insulting a guy before they insult a girl about their bodies. Think about that one.

  If you feel as if you aren’t attractive enough, one of two things should happen. Number one, change yourself, hit the gym if necessary, go on a healthy diet and maybe even a fashion make-over. Number two, own what you have now, and don’t let society play a role in your thoughts about how your body should look. Be confident in everything that you wear/do that’s the only way to live, isn’t it? Be yourself no matter who you are. My promise to everyone is that I will never change who I am for society. Can you make that same promise?