Swim club is making a splash


By: Tyler Pieper Reporter

Everyone knows about the pool at the Wellness Center, but not many know about the new group making a splash there. Formed just this school year, the SDSU swim club has 12 members and is growing as many students begin to express interest in the club. The group is made up of many experienced swimmers, including Club Co-President Natalie Coughlin. With over 10 years of swimming under her belt, she works to organize practices and meets with her co-president and fellow members. 

Starting a club is no easy task. At least seven people are needed to start a campus-recognized club at SDSU. One person that helped to make Swim Club possible was sophomore Hannah Bailey. 

According to Bailey, the club originally formed from an idea on Facebook. “I was online and saw one of my friend’s posts, which happened to be about forming some sort of group to get back into swimming and maybe compete. I messaged her right away, and soon we had enough [people] to start a club on campus.” 

Recruitment was done mainly by word of mouth and soon their numbers had almost doubled by the time the first meeting was held.  

Many students have never really thought about joining the swim club or known of its existence. The easiest way to join Swim Club is to attend one of the many gatherings that are held Monday through Thursday. Everyone is welcome, especially those who have raced in the pool before. The only essential qualifications are being able to swim moderately well and the will to contend and to push yourself to improve.