Jackrabbit Yearbook, update


Karla Bautista, Jackrabbit Yearbook editor, looks through the 2014 edition of the yearbook.

By Sara Bertsch News Editor

After a 10 year break, the Jackrabbit Yearbook returned in 2012 for the 100th year celebration. This school year, will be the third year since returning in 2012. 

“The yearbook is important for SDSU because it is the single unit that covers an entire year’s events that involve the students’ life,” said Karla Mae Bautista, editor-in-chief of the Jackrabbit Yearbook.

There is a total of nine students on staff for the yearbook including Bautista. They each have their own section they edit, organize and design. Together, they put together the entire yearbook under the direction of their adviser, Susan Smith.

“The editors I have now are very active and have a plan. They are all very exciting, too,” Bautista said. 

Last year, there were several special features that made the book unique. There were several pages containing engaged couples on campus. There was a small story on how they met and their future plans. 

The book also consisted of special events put on in The Union including a Christmas celebration and a Spring Luau. At each event, the yearbook had photographers taking pictures of students. At the Christmas event, students could take pictures with Santa and SDSU’s mascot Jack. In the Spring Luau, students took pictures using props such as grass skirts, straw hats and fun-colored sunglasses. 

Bautista has big plans for this upcoming yearbook. Even though she graduates in December, the managing editor, Ashley Huegli will step up into her shoes. Together they, along with the staff and adviser, have created some new changes. 

Normally, the yearbook finishes in March and will have the book released in May. This year they want to include graduation so they will have the yearbook go from end-to-end, Bautista said. They will finish in May after graduation and release the book in the following fall semester. 

They also are going to have some main focuses in this year’s book. 

“We want to get at least 1,000 people in the book with the portraits. Thats only 10 percent of the population, so we want to put in as many people in the yearbook as possible,” Bautista said.

Each month, there will be a photographer taking portraits of students. Students can take portraits for free and then will be featured in the yearbook. If they want a copy, they can purchase it for $10. 

They want to include as many portraits as possible, but they hope to get a majority of senior athletes and senior student leaders across campus. 

“I thought it would be cool to cover everyone’s experience for the year at SDSU,” Bautista said.

A seasonal theme is also in the works for this year’s book. They want stories from summer, fall, winter and spring. In order to cover the summer part, they are allowing students to submit stories to the yearbook about their summer experiences, whether they traveled somewhere or had an internship. 

Overall, the staff hopes to produce a better quality and interesting book. 

“I personally think that it something I can look back on. Its a good remembrance as how I was as a jackrabbit in years from now.” Bautista said.

Students can submit articles to [email protected] or contact Bautista in the Collegian office in the basement of the Union.

Last year’s yearbooks are also still for sale. To purchase books for next year, students can charge the yearbooks onto their spring tuition.