How to dress like a hobo

By Sara Bertsch Lifestyles Editor

In order to properly celebrate Hobo Day, it is essential to dress like a hobo. For many, this arduous task can be frustrating, but successfully dressing like a hobo can be easy. There will be a plethora of hobos on Saturday, so join the club and start collecting your hobo gear. 

With the help of the Hobo Day Committee, we’ve created a guide for students, faculty, alumni and everybody who wants to participate. This guide will feature the different hobo fads and tips on how to perfect this homeless fashion.  Students are encouraged to create their own unique hobo style. Remember, every hobo is different.

Get “the look”

FLANNEL: A very common item found on SDSU hobos. Make sure it is raggy. The more torn up, the better.

BUTTONS: These lovely additions to the SDSU hobo look showcase memories from past hobo days. Members of the Hobo Day Committee fashion several of these memorable buttons including a special committee button. Every member of the Hobo Day Committee for several years has worn these.

BANDANAS:  Essential to each and every hobo on campus. Most importantly, the Hobo Day flag is comprised of bandanas. 

PATCHES: These patches represent pieces of family heirlooms and clothing. Also, it adds to the overall Hobo Day look. 

HATS: Keep them old school. It’s the only way to go.

DENIM JACKETS/VESTS: A hot item in this year’s hobo trend, many hobos are fashioning denim jackets and vests. Stay on top of this year’s fashion and go find some denim.

FUR COATS: A popular item among dignitaries, this hobo clothing item is sure to impress.

SUSPENDERS/ TWINE: Using a belt is so last year. Find some suspenders and twine to use instead. 

FLORAL PRINT: Use this print for hats, skirts and everything else. Floral is in and it’s taking over this year’s hobo day. 

DIRTY: The dirtier, the better. Rub some dirt on your face and legs. It will no doubt complete the hobo look.

ACCESSORIES: A nap sack, which includes a stick and a bandana, is a popular accessory this year. In addition, cardboard signs with various slurs and requests might be used.

More tips:

Coyote fur, while hard to come by, will compliment any hobo day fashion. Also, it shows some serious school pride.

Bow ties are a nice, small touch to any outfit. Plus, there is no need to do any tying.

Mismatch everything. Wearing different patterns, colors, socks, shoes and anything else really bring out the color in every hobo’s eyes.

Clothes should be baggy. If you’re clothes fit you, then something is wrong. 

Try to stick to blue and yellow and avoid red and green. While it is not required, it is suggested as these two colors might be associated with SDSU’s two rivals: USD and NDSU.