The man behind the magic

Joseph Iwuaba Reporter

Every year SDSU celebrates Hobo Day and a new Grand Pooba is selected.  Scott DesLauriers, a senior speech education major, is serving as the 2014 Grand Pooba. DesLauriers is responsible, along with the Hobo Day Committee, for all the planning and preparation that goes into Hobo Week. He decides who is part of the Hobo Day Committee, makes decisions on the Hobo Day events and picks the Parade Grand Marshall. 

DesLauriers has been involved with the Hobo Day Committee since 2012. He originally started out by working with communication for the committee in 2012, and then worked as the Assistant Grand Pooba in 2013.  

Every year the outgoing Pooba has the opportunity to select the incoming Pooba.  DesLauriers was chosen to be the 2014 Grand Pooba by 2013 Grand Pooba, Casey Janisch. 

According to DesLauriers, this job seemed perfect for him because he had always been involved in extracurricular activities growing up, so his involvement in the preparation of this week long celebration is like second nature to him. He said that the responsibility it takes to be the Grand Pooba has allowed him to grow as a person academically, socially and emotionally. 

“It’s tough balancing school and the Grand Pooba responsibilities at the same time,” DesLauriers said. “My grandfather told me that I should keep working hard until I don’t have to introduce myself anymore and that is what inspires me.” 

DesLauriers devotes most of his days and evenings to coordinating and planning for Hobo Day.

“I spend 70 percent of my day sending emails. The other parts of my day consist of attending meetings and working with the Hobo Day Committee,” DesLauriers said.  

According to DesLauriers, the Hobo Day Committee works constantly in the preparation of Hobo Week. The committee has 15 members that are broken up into three groups. The three groups are marketing, events and the parade team. Maddie Mack, a junior English major, is the External Communications Coordinator that helps create the Hobo Day trailer and all the Hobo Day advertisements displayed off campus. 

“I am happy to be a part of something student driven. We come in as associates but we leave as close friends,” Mack said. 

DesLauriers said that planning an event of this magnitude can be stressful and time consuming. He has received parking tickets in the past from working late nights in the office.

Kip Littau, a senior nursing major, is the Assistant Grand Pooba for the Hobo Day Committee. Littau said that being a part of the Hobo Day Committee is a big responsibility. 

“If I have any free time, I am in the office working toward Hobo Week,” Littau said.

 Hobo week brings about 6,000 to 8,000 people to Brookings each year. With that in mind, DesLauriers consciously plans the events in a way that is suitable for the community. According to DesLauriers, the history of the Hobo Day celebration drove him to give all his effort in making this year’s Hobo Week an amazing experience for all of the Brookings community to enjoy. 

This year marks 102 years of Hobo Day in Brookings. To see what DesLauriers and the Hobo Day Committee have planned, look into any of the Hobo Week festivities that are happening. The Hobo Week schedule is located in The Union and also on the SDSU website.