As Temperatures rise, so does Hobo Day activity

The numbers are in of the arrests made over Hobo Day weekend, and the warm weather may be to blame for a slight spike in activity.

Both the South Dakota State University Police Department and the Brookings Police Department had a full staff all weekend.

“Hobo Day went well, the numbers of minors handed out were up from the past two years, but everything happened at a manageable pace,” SDSUPD Detective Cora Olson

The warm weather meant more activity. Olson said that SDSUPD likes to remain an active presence to prevent vandalism, and to deter things from getting out of hand

“We are glad all the law enforcement officers went home safe and there were no major incidents,” Olson said.

Every year everyone in the department works, no one has Hobo Day weekend off, Assistant Police Chief Dave Erickson said. “We noticed a lot more foot traffic north of 6th Street and saw more open container violations. This increase was due in part to the nice weather.”

Erickson said that BPD tries to remain proactive “If we see house parties getting out of

hand, we contact the renter,” Erickson said.

The Highway Patrol had DUI checkpoints on Thursday and Friday that BPD assisted with, Erickson said.

“There were a lot of open containers and minor consumption violations. There were only a couple assault calls. People were peaceful, that was nice,” Erickson said.

Downtown restaurants saw a slight dip in activity during the day, but increased business at nights.

“We had more people down in the bar area [at night], it was a little busier than previous Hobo Day celebrations,” Tammy Young, owner of the Ram and O’Hares said.

Young said that in the dining room at The Ram it was slower during lunch, probably due to people enjoying the nice weather, but dinner drew about the same crowd as usual.

Cubby’s saw typical Hobo Day restaurant traffic in the evening, but during the day it was slower than normal, probably due to people grilling out in the nice weather, Cubby’s manager and co-owner of the 9, Chris Stoltenberg said. However, evening business at both bars was up a bit from previous years. “We were really happy we had no major issues. Overall it was a great crowd,” Stoltenberg said.