Being involved beats intoxication during Hobo Week

By Kysean Gregory Opinion Editor

Here’s to another successful year of transforming into a hobo and being considerably intoxicated. Hobo Day has just passed us and yes, everyone is still talking about it. I mean, why wouldn’t they, it’s the largest one day event in the Dakotas. If you are a freshman you probably heard stories about this joyous event, but of course you weren’t expecting that Hobo Day would turn into the most fun that you have had here at State so far. Well, that is if you didn’t have as an Orientation Leader of course. I would like to point out that being drunk the entire duration of the week, isn’t what makes for an

amazing hobo celebration, but it’s the effort you make to get involved with all the events.

Beinginvolvedwithallthe Hobo Week events definitely increases your excitement for Hobo Day. The highlight of the week for me, was the Miss Homelycoming contest. I had so fun much, I love getting to know the other contestants they were all so talented at being such lovely ladies. My favorite lady in the competition was played by the guy who wore a sparkling abstract dress, Tyler Hansen. I wouldn’t mind having him rub me down with sun tanning lotion, as my character said. I just really enjoyed his entire act, along with Caleb Finck’s love for sausages. Another event I enjoyed watching, I didn’t participate, was the Bum – Over. Some of the structures whereprettyimpressive,likeI would totally get one of those hobostodesignmylayoutfor my dream home. Actually, I don’t trust hobos that much, but that’s beside the point.

Being involved with the Hobo Week events will always increase the excitement, it gets your blood flowing. Then comes Saturday where thousands of people come to campus just to celebrate with you and to reconnect with their previous home.

With the stands packed during the football game and people screaming your name telling you not to screw up, you can’t help but to get confused about with the feeling in your stomach. Are you nervous, excited, or is it just gas? Personally, it was gas, but it was still kind of scary to not knowing what was going on with your nerves. Once you realize that it’s Hobo Day and the stands will never be this packed again, right? Still, kind of nervous, you start thinking about Honey Boo Boo saying “a dollar make you holla” and you get super pumped. Suddenly, all the fear goes away when the announcer says, “The Pride is back!” and the band lets out this

ungodly roar of the fanfare. My face always just lights up and basically all my teeth are showing.Hey,it’slikemymom says, “KySean, you are meant to be seen not heard.” Wow, it’s over and everyone had an awesome show, another successful Hobo Day halftime, provided to you by the pride.

Hobo Day, a day where friends and family fill campus and relive their crazy college days. But, not only with drinking with friends but with all the traditions that have been kept alive. So, next year when you’re preparing for Hobo Week, consider being more involved than you were this year. Enjoy the festivities that the Hobo Day Committee creates for the student body to partake in. Remember hobos, never stop wandering.

KySean is majoring in speech communication. He can be reached at kysean.gregory@