HungerU makes pitstop on campus


By Sara Bertsch Lifestyles Editor

One in every six Americans is hungry. This is one fact that most students found shocking on Monday and Tuesday while attending the HungerU exhibit parked in the Wagner parking lot. 

HungerU, a product of the Farm Journal Foundation, is an exhibit that travels across the country. They are touring several states, beginning in Utah and ending in Wisconsin.

“We’re trying to give hunger an expiration date,” said Tracee Schiebel, a HungerU committee member. 

According to Schiebel, students were excited for the exhibit and were very receptive. 

“The goal is to educate, discuss and empower individuals to do something about the Hunger Crisis,” Schiebel said.

While checking out the exhibit, students could participate in a five-question quiz called the Hunger Challenge. After completing the quiz, a meal is donated on the student’s behalf to someone that is hungry.

“We hope they leave with something like a fact and knowing they just donated a meal,” Schiebel said.

Another fact that students aren’t aware of is the amount of food wasted in America. According to the exhibit, 40 percent of food is wasted. Schiebel finds that this can be corrected by using this wasted food for the one in every six people that are hungry, less people will struggle with hunger in America.

After students took the quiz they had the opportunity to ride peddle tractors around campus or they can spin the prize wheel. Many students walked away with a new pair of sunglasses. 

The traveling exhibit will be heading toward North Dakota next, with only three weeks left of the tour. HungerU will also be making a pitstop at the National FFA Convention. 

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