Student Sustainability Council: November 7, 2014 Edition

Columnist: Megan Evenson

The Student Sustainability council has been at work in efforts to make the South Dakota State University a more sustainable and friendly environment for the students and faculty. 

To understand what sustainability is, consider the following definition. Environmental sustainability is about making responsible decisions that will reduce your negative impact on the environment, so in other words, RECYCLE PEOPLE!

 Coming up in the very near future is America Recycles Day and the Student Sustainability Council is partnering with Facilities and Services to sort through trash bins in the Rotunda Breezeway around 11:45 a.m. to see what could’ve been recycled. The results will be posted until 3 p.m. in the breezeway. In addition to our upcoming event, we also help volunteer at sporting events and other events that occur on campus.

 Are you passionate about going green and maintaining a sustainable environment, but are unsure of what steps to take? The please contact our group at [email protected].