Healthy, sustainable foods hard to find

By Kelsey Megard Columnist

I was thinking today, why does a salad cost so much more than a Big Mac? A salad is healthier for you, it has many more nutrients, contains one-third of the calories and yet is twice the cost.

The “cheap” foods are highly processed, compiled of carbohydrates, sodium, sugar, shipped thousands of miles and have hardly any nutrients. Why go to so much trouble for food that is not even worthy of your body? We should not.

Saving money on fast processed food will only pay off for a short amount of time. Long-term medical effects will have lifelong consequences. Saving a few dollars while buying Ramen Noodles or McDoubles now will cost you thousands of dollars in medical expenses in future years.

750,000 Americans die each year of coronary heart disease. What is the leading cause of coronary heart disease? Obesity. What is the leading cause of obesity? Poor eating habits. 

Recently the price of grains and meats has drastically decreased while the price of vegetables and fruits has skyrocketed. Why not give vegetables and fruits more of a price cut? It could cure the national obesity epidemic.

The government needs to start subsidizing healthy and sustainable foods. McDonalds should not be the go-to food. Healthy foods should be an affordable necessity. Locally grown fruits and vegetables need to become a norm.