A chocolatey outlook on Christmas

Christmas is like eating chocolate. Whoa I know you’re thinking this sounds crazy, but stay with me. The colorful wrapper represents all of the decorating that takes place. The unwrapping of the packaging is like what you do when you unwrap presents.  And what’s inside is a sweet, mouthwatering and delightful candy that you consume; and when you do, it’s a sweet feeling. Well, for some people it depends on what kind of chocolate you are consuming.

For some, Christmas is more like milk chocolate. Milk chocolate is the sweetest chocolate and is like Christmas for some in that it is the cheeriest time of the year. We devour delicious Christmas goodies, sing silly Christmas carols and we can’t forget about watching those cheesy Christmas movies. (Christmas just would not be the same without Hallmark.) Christmas is a holiday where you get together with family near and far to celebrate the birth of Christ. It is so exciting. There are presents, hot chocolate, laughter  and I always hope for a light snow, but not too much, just enough to cover up the ugly brownness of the earth.

But for some people, Christmas can be like dark chocolate.  Dark chocolate is delicious and sweet at first but leaves a bitter after taste; this is just like Christmas for some. It is a bittersweet affair. The sweetness can be found in opening presents, playing fun games and spending quality  time with family. Even though the holidays bring family together and good times can be had, it can still be one the saddest times of year. With all of your family and friends getting together, you realize who’s not there. You are reminded of the hurt and sting of the loss all over again, because you miss them and want them to be there too. It feels as though their missing presence is more evident than ever before. This business of life helps you forget, but at holidays missing a loved one can leave a bitter after taste.

I am sure we can all think of someone in our lives that won’t be there this holiday season. I know it makes you sad, but try not to dwell on it.

I know it is hard, but cherish and appreciate the people that will be there. I think oftentimes we get caught up in who’s not there and forget to acknowledge and appreciate those in the present. I know I will see my grandpa again and that brings comfort. I am so thankful that my family is centered on Christ and can rest assured that there are no permanent goodbyes in Christ’s family, only temporary moments of separation. So although we are separated for a short time, I know that we will have eternity together. Knowing that brings me peace and I can celebrate Christ’s birth all the more.

I implore you to treasure every moment this Christmas. Love on everyone and let them know you love them. You never know it may be your last holiday with them. Life is unpredictable and the only thing that is certain is the right here, right now. So, what are you waiting for? You will recognize who’s not there, but realize the importance of the present by letting those you love know how much you appreciate them before it’s too late. What kind of Christmas  will you have Milk chocolate or dark chocolate? You decide.

Kendra is majoring in advertising. She can be reached at [email protected].