Welcome back to the tundra

By: Katherine Clayton


Welcome back to the tundra that is known as South Dakota.

The spring semester has just started, in case anyone needed a reminder, and I am not ready.

I have been putting off thinking about the start of a new semester and embracing the new responsibilities and activities that will be thrown my way, including having a job, having a full schedule and being too active in clubs. But the semester began (even without my permission) and now it’s time to face the reality that there will be tons of homework that will have to be done, tests that could be failed, and group projects that will be completed.

I know some of you are not ready for the semester (like me) because you had an awesome break filled with family or trips to warm places, or maybe you just don’t want another semester to start. There are some of you who can’t wait to begin new classes (I wish that was me) because your break was uneventful, or you just want to start new classes. Whether you want or don’t want the semester, it has started and so has another semester of the Lifestyles section. I want to let you all know that this semester the Lifestyles section will have something for everyone.

As I take over the position as Lifestyles editor, I will try to have a variety of subjects, events and projects. I want to have something that everyone will enjoy, whether you want to read the section to get your mind off of homework and the semester or if you’re reading the Lifestyles section just because you want to, I want to provide content that will showcase events that are happening around campus for those of you who love school and all of its experiences. I hope to expand my design skills so I will be trying all sorts of different ways to make the section interesting to look at. I want to have content that switches off every week or every other week, such as a recipe of the week or including a DIY project for those of you who want to save money and get crafty. I hope to showcase a variety of events on campus and in the Brookings community to show what our peers and community is accomplishing. With a new semester and a new editor, there are so many opportunities (I can almost feel the excitement).

I hope you all have a great semester and I hope you all take a moment each week to escape the craziness of college by reading the Lifestyles section. Don’t miss me too much.