Editor is Yes (Wo)man

By Katherine Clayton Lifestyles Editor

I constantly ask myself one question: why do you say “yes” to everything?

I have a problem with turning anything down whether it is running a quick errand for someone or writing the paper for a group project.

However, there are a few times I said “yes” that I’m so glad I did (even though I might not have actually said yes, it was more of me saying yes in my head, but still). My top times I said “yes” this year are when I said “yes” to joining the Collegian, my job and being on Cru leadership.

I am constantly standing on a balance that somehow has four sides (you are correct in assuming this invention doesn’t exist but we’ll pretend). I have to manage my new duties as the Lifestyles Editor (and still trying to figure out what I’m doing), working a job that I really enjoy, being a member of Cru and helping lead a Lifegroup where I get to meet weekly with a wonderful group of ladies and on top of ALL of that I am a full-time student. I also try to exercise and eat on a regular basis (that doesn’t always happen … oops!). 

Sometimes it feels like my head is spinning and I constantly feel like I’m forgetting something. It usually means I didn’t do an assignment or I forgot to put something into my planner (I really should get stock in whoever produces planners). Most of the time I can’t figure out what the sticky notes says that I wrote in a hurry that I thought I would remember what I was trying to say (I should get stock in these too). Honestly, my life is absolutely crazy, but I love it because it means I am involved and I get to fully embrace my schedule.

You may be reading this thinking I must be insane to be so involved. I know it sounds a little weird, but I know that there are so many people my age that will never have the opportunity to go to college because of their circumstances. I think it is my duty, to myself and those who will never have a college experience, to appreciate that I am at college and do everything I can to make my college experience meaningful and worthwhile.

I’m glad I convinced myself to get involved because I have met some amazing people through getting involved. I feel that being extremely involved has helped me learn to embrace chaos. My room is messy, my desk has paper everywhere (and I mean everywhere) and my friends describe me as organized chaos but having a hectic schedule has helped me to be purposeful with my time. 

I realize that I shouldn’t say “yes” to everything. The next time someone asks me if I want to be President of the United States or if they can have all of my sticky notes, I will say “no”. But until then, I will live in with my crazy schedule and love all the times I’ve said “yes”. Until next time, don’t miss me too much!