Introducing the new opinion editor

By: Jordan Bierbrauer

Hello readers of The Collegian! If you are an active reader of South Dakota State University’s paper, then you will surely have noticed that I am the new Opinion Editor for The Collegian. If you are a first time reader, carry on with skimming through these pages (if you like games, look a little further ahead for a crossword puzzle and Sudoku). Like I said, as being the new Opinion Editor for The Collegian, a little introduction is in order. My name is Jordan Bierbrauer, and I hail from a frigid little town known as New Richmond, Wisconsin. I was originally a chemistry student at The School of Mines and Technology, before changing my major to psychology, and transferring to the frozen wonderland known as South Dakota State University. A few more things about me, I am the president of the recolonized Lambda Chi Alpha here on campus, I am a huge fan of several TV shows (e.g. Hannibal, The Walking Dead, Gotham, Scrubs, Arrested Development and the list goes on), an active appreciator of the fine arts, and a lover of cooking/baking.

 ow as I am taking over editing these select pages with The Collegian, there is only really one change that I would like to see happen within the Opinion section. The thing that I would like to see happen on my pages is an increase in more opinion columns from the students here at SDSU. I would to love hear what you all have to say about current events in the world. Now I augur that many of you may write about things happening around campus or things that are appearing on every news reel around the country, but I encourage you to branch out from this norm. I encourage you (if you so choose to send in a column for me to publish) to look into topics that are not talk about in everyday conversation. Topics like do kids have it easier nowadays growing up? Is the government really harboring alien spaceships? Are the Lorien Legacies actually based on true events? Is anyone helping the countless of lives that are starving over in Nepal? I would love to hear what anyone had to say about any of these topics, or any topic that intrigues them. With this being said, I strongly encourage anyone who is reading this to sit down, brainstorm a topic that you are passionate about, and write a column for me that I could feature on one of my pages. The only stipulations are that the topic has to be relevant, you have to have a clear opinion, and you have to have at least five hundred words explaining why you believe in what you do. And let us be honest, other than the fact that I could have easily snuck in a Pitch Perfect reference just now, typing up five hundred words is not a daunting task at all, especially if it is fueled by passion.

 o to wrap up this little prologue introducing the incunabula of my position as the Opinion Editor of The Collegian, I would like to have the real voices of SDSU and the future leaders of this world help me form this section of the paper into something that people will look forward to reading every single week. Glad you are all embarking with me on this new journey of mine, for it should be a very fun, and very biased one at that. 

Jordan can be reached at [email protected].