Carousel Salon, Spa earns women’s votes


Where to get your hair done as a woman is not an easy question in Brookings. With the student choice survey, there were many different salons that displayed strong student support. The salon that had the most votes was Carousel Salon and Spa. 

“I go to Carousel because it’s easy to get in to, the price it right and the service is outstanding,” said Kelli Garry, a junior agricultural communications and agricultural leadership major. 

This specific salon seems to be a favorite among the women in Brookings, and not so much for the men. There are times in which  certain places leaned more toward one gender over another.

 “I feel like right now, it’s marketed mainly toward women, but I think men can easily get their hair cut there as well,” Garry said about this difference in gender preferences. 

But what makes Carousel different than other more feminine salons in town?

“It’s really hard for me to fit haircuts into my schedule, so the fact that Carousel has so many time slots open is extremely convenient for me,” Garry said. “The convenience factor is the biggest thing for me. They make it so easy to stop in or schedule an appointment a day in advance.”