Dancing with the Stars finale shines with talent

By KATHERINE CLAYTON Lifestyles Editor

The stars have aligned for the finale of South Dakota State University’s version of Dancing with the Stars.

The finale will take place on March 19 at 8 p.m. at the Performing Arts Center. Dancers will be able to showcase their dancing abilities to try and win over the audience one last time.

The finalists are Matilyn Kerr and Aarron Schuelke, Mackenzie Klinkhammer and Steven Marienau, and Annamarie Trevvett and Thayer Trenhaile.

“I know that dancing is a big part of my life and DWTS has given me the chance to show off my skills as a choreographer and dancer,” said Trevett, a second year communication studies graduate student.

Trevett and Trenhaile, a sophomore hospitality management major, agree that they have improved as a dancing team since the beginning of the competition.

“The progression that my partner, Thayer, and I have made is really about learning each other’s skill level and collaboration to find a happy medium for both of us,” Trevvett said. “We took the advice of the judges and friends and tried to be better each week.”

In addition to taking advice from the judges, Trevvett and Trenhaile were also able to become more comfortable dancing in front of a crowd.

“I think [Annamarie and I] have definitely progressed from the beginning with just feeling more and more comfortable on stage in front of the crowd,” Trenhaile said. “If I have made you laugh during our performances that is all that matters to me.”

Another performer in Dancing with the Stars is Matilyn Kerr, a senior entrepreneurial studies major. She said DWTS has integrated dance into her daily life. 

“I am either doing something from a prior dance or just some sort of dance move while brushing my teeth or washing the dishes. It’s weird, dance is in my life now,” Kerr said.

Kerr said she enjoyed learning and spending time with her fellow performers. 

“I love that people aren’t afraid to be themselves and that aspect has been evident in all of the competitors – stars and dancers,” Kerr said.

The organizer of Dancing with the Stars this year, Bailey Jorgensen, a sophomore majoring in elementary education, encountered challenges with getting everything organized for the event, but she hopes that those who attended Dancing with the Stars enjoyed the event.

“I hope for the people that came and watched that they were able to have a nice break in the week to catch some entertainment and enjoy themselves while watching and cheering on their fellow peers.” Jorgensen said.

A DWTS attendee, Helen Conzemius, a sophomore advertising major, said that she first decided to go to the event because someone she knew in choir was dancing. “It also sounded fun,” Conzemius said.

Conzemius has attended two of the three events so far but she plans on going to the finale. 

“80s was definitely my favorite,” Conzemius said. “Everybody got into the outfits … it was more fun to know the songs.”

The winner of the competition will be chosen out of the three remaining couples.

“I want people to know that I have enjoyed each dance that Thayer and I have performed for DWTS,” Trevvett said. “With the freedom of our own genre choice this week, we can show off our personalities more.”