Finck, Dahle win Students’ Association presidential elections

Maddi Anderson Editor-in-Chief

Following an additional day of voting in the Students’ Association President/Vice President election, Caleb Finck and Matt Dahle have won the election with 1,320 votes.

Olivia Siglin and Jacob Sutton received 1,288 votes in the final count, making the total amount of votes cast 2,608.

“We’re really excited to see the voter turnout went up even more than there already was,” Finck said.

As the solution to a grievance filed by the Finck and Dahle ticket March 23, the advisory committee determined there would be an extended voting period for those who had not already voted in the election, according to a statement issued by Sam Jennings II, an SA advisor and dean of students.

Voters must enter their student ID when voting which prevented them from voting twice.

“I would like to thank our opposing ticket for running a great campaign these last few weeks,” Finck said.

In the original two days of voting, Siglin and Sutton received 952 votes over Finck and Dahle with 947 votes. Votes cast April 7 were added on to these totals.

There was a five vote margin between the two tickets at the end of the original voting period. There was a 32 vote margin between the two tickets following the extended voting period.

“We’d just like to commend Mr. Finck and Mr. Dahle on a well run campaign and we’d like to thank all the students for coming out and supporting us and we wish the Students’ Association all the luck in the upcoming year,” Sutton said on behalf of the Siglin and Sutton ticket.

“We’re excited to continue working and make progress,” Finck said.