Love should not be limited by ethnic differences

By Palak Barmaiya Columnist

Love is never easy to understand, and with complexities of society, it is like rocket science. Searching for real relationships or forever love becomes even harder when I think of interracial marriages.

Are we afraid to get into serious relationships from people of different races? If love is a union of two souls, why would culture, traditions and society matter?

Well, some things do get me thinking maybe it is not right, or it is difficult. I wonder for how long it would be possible for a couple to keep a stable relationship while encountering the differences in food, religion, culture, etc.

The sacred constitution of marriage is not just between two people, but their families too. A mom knows how difficult it can be to hold a family together, especially when her daughter is getting married to a guy from a different culture. Being a vegetarian, I find it hard to even touch meat and I wonder how I would deal with this for the rest of my life if I was married to an individual who loved eating meat.

Different religious practices are difficult to deal with, and mixed-race children many times find it difficult to choose a religion or the community they want to grow up in. Many of them have to deal with ignorance and isolation.

I do not understand why when everyone is equal before God, interracial marriages cannot be accepted by society.

But among all these thoughts, I would like to thank the wonderful, mixed race couple who shared the video of their wedding on YouTube. How beautiful the contrast of their hands looked when they exchanged rings, and just how beautiful they looked together.

No matter what our skin color is or how we look like, if we meet the right person, we just know it. No food tastes good and no music sounds good without that person. No place is home and no culture completes us without that person.

Such couples make us believe that love is beyond physical appearances–that true love not only exists, but also inspires others to believe in it.

We don’t realize it but sometimes these differences make us fall in love. How lucky that bride would be who gets to marry twice in two different ways, and how lucky the groom would be to get to see her like that. She also gets to enjoy those rituals and family traditions. Their family would look wonderful, and their children would define their own way.

The colours in nature inspire us to realize the beauty of diversity and yet we ignore it. Flowers of different colours and kinds are so refreshing; and so are people.