Local business fills missing service

By Makenzie Huber News Editor

Fear not, Brookings community members and South Dakota State University students, Chow Now Delivery, one of the newest businesses to Brookings, delivers food from your favorite, non-delivery restaurants in town straight to your doorstep.

Chow Now Delivery restaurants include Old Market Eatery, Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant, The Ram, Cottonwood Bistro, Pheasant Restaurant and Lounge and Flavor Indian Restaurant. Cubby’s Sports Bar and Grill and Kraft, a new steakhouse restaurant in Brookings, will be added to the list in May.

During the businessweek Chow Now features a restaurant of the day. The business features Old Market Mondays, Guadalajara Tuesdays, Cottonwood Wednesdays, Pheasant Thursdays and Flavor Fridays. Although there isn’t a feature for Saturdays, Chow Now still delivers. The business is closed on Sundays.

The business delivers the restaurant quality food by having customers fill out a delivery order on its website. Chow Now then picks up the order from the said restaurant and brings it to customers within 30 minutes to an hour.

Luke Davidson, CEO, and Dan Stratton, CFO, are the founders of the business. Both are SDSU alumni with Stratton majoring in business economics and Davidson majoring in global studies and French. Davidson approached Stratton about the idea of the company in October of 2014. The two developed the business through months of research and preparation resulting in the business’s opening day two months ago in February.

The duo hopes to become a “Brookings staple” and is looking to grow.

“We didn’t want to start out too big and we wanted to make sure the system worked and we can handle it,” Davidson said. “I think at this point I’m excited to go to new restaurants now that we have an idea of what the heck we’re doing.”

“Brookings has great restaurants,” Stratton said. “It’s a hot bed for entrepreneurs so it was easy for us to start.”

Davidson came up with the idea of Chow Now Delivery when he “realized that there was a service missing.”

“I don’t know how many times me and my friends have been sitting around playing a poker game or something and going ‘oh we want some food, but not Dominoes or whatever,’” Davidson said. “I’d hear about it before with Grub Hub … It was kind of seeing it and knowing it would be something that people would use.”

Mackenzie Gough, a sophomore early childhood education major, has used Chow Now’s services twice.

“Ordering from Chow Now is super easy and quick and it is only a five dollar delivery charge,” Gough said. “It’s really nice to stay home, not have to cook and get delicious food delivered to your door.”

Gough ordered from Old Market and Guadalajara when she used Chow Now. She plans to use Chow Now in the future.

Although Davidson and Stratton want SDSU students’ business, the group’s main demographic is families and industries.

“We’ve been targeting those demographics because the college students will leave in the summer, but the industries will be there and so will the families,” Stratton said.

Since the businesses launch, Chow Now has steadily become more popular.

“Every week it [orders] has gone up,” Davidson said. “Another order per day on average. We started out with three or four … it’s been growing steadily because we get about seven orders in a day now.”

By the fall the two hope Chow Now will get between 20 and 25 orders per day.

Chow Now will be having a special for students during the last two weeks of the school year, study week and finals week. If students enter the promo code FINAL in the delivery instructions when ordering online, they receive $2 off of their order.