The best party on campus brings Michelle Malkin to SDSU

Stephanie Kapperman Columnist

She’s been rattling liberal cages ever since the publication of her first book, and she is coming to South Dakota State University to tell her fascinating story.

Michelle Malkin will headline the 2015 South Dakota College Republican Convention with a free speech at the Performing Arts Center 7 p.m. Saturday, May 2. 

Her speech, “Embracing the American Dream: An Evening with Michelle Malkin,” is one that will speak to students of all walks of life. As the daughter of Filipino immigrants, Malkin has shown the world that the American Dream is as real and vibrant as it has ever been.

Malkin’s impact on national politics cannot be understated.  The successful author of four books (the most recent of which, “Culture of Corruption: Obama and His Team of Tax Cheats, Crooks, and Cronies,” was New York Times #1 bestseller for six weeks), Malkin has stirred political debate with her sharp wit and unabashed belief in limited government.

She is everything a campus speaker should be: witty, passionate and accomplished.  Malkin’s mission in life is to spread the happy warrior message of conservatives like Ronald Reagan, and I  want you to be there to hear it on May 2.

Her appearance in South Dakota is certainly well timed, especially considering the President’s recent announcement that he will be speaking at Lake Area Technical Institute next month.

It’s ironic, don’t you think? The President, who told us that if you built a business, you didn’t really build it, that successful entrepreneurs like Malkin aren’t paying their fair share to the government, and that resisting taxation is unpatriotic; is headlining the commencement ceremony at one of South Dakota’s technical schools.

Our hope is that students who attend “Embracing the American Dream” will hear a very stark alternative to the President’s big government dystopia.  Malkin, who worked as a journalist before becoming a successful web entrepreneur and bestselling author, has painstakingly climbed the rungs of success, and didn’t do so because she was ordered to by the government.

In fact, she pursued her American Dream by fighting to change the government that impedes all of us. 

I am a member of the SDSU College Republicans because Michelle Malkin and I have some beliefs in common, but “Embracing the American Dream” is an event for people of all political beliefs.

Maybe you’re a libertarian who wants to have a dialogue about the libertarian influence on the Republican Party today. Maybe you’re a liberal Democrat who wants to understand the conservative viewpoint or ask Malkin a question at the Q&A. Maybe you’re a journalism student, a political science major, or a writer who wants to learn about how Malkin mastered her craft and became a nationally acclaimed author.  Or maybe you’re none of these things, but you care about the direction our country is headed.

I welcome one and all to “Embracing the American Dream,” and hope that Malkin inspires you to think about what your American Dream might be.  Students interested in attending can register at

Stephanie is a psychology major and can be reached at [email protected]