Nepalese Student Association rises to help home country

The Collegian Staff

The earthquake that hit Nepal April 25 left more than 5,000 dead, more than 8,000 injured and thousands without their home, fresh water or food. 

More than 75 students at South Dakota State University call Nepal home and have spent the last few days trying to contact their family and friends back home. Now, only days following the tragedy that tore apart the country, Nepalese international students have put together a plan to help raise money to support the country of Nepal. 

The Nepalese Student Association set up a fund through the SDSU Foundation, called the SDSU Nepal Relief Fund. Anyone can donate with a check or cash at a donation station or complete a bank transfer via phone. Additionally, the group, along with SA, the International Relations Council, the SDSU and Brookings communities have already coordinated The Nepal Earthquake Candlelight Vigil which will take place Thursday, April 30. 

We at The Collegian hope that the SDSU community, along with the Brookings community, will come together to support our fellow students who are suffering and living with the impact that the earthquake left in its wake. 

If something like this were to happen in Brookings, or South Dakota in general, we would hope that people would step up and support us, so why wouldn’t we do the same for our fellow international students? If SDSU is going to push to become a more inclusive campus, then it means supporting all of our fellow students, whether their home is down the interstate or across the world. 

Even if you don’t have the funds to donate, it’s equally as important to show your support and be considerate of those who are affected by the tragedy. More than 75 students are impacted directly by this natural disaster that has torn apart their home, and this stress is added on top of the normal stress caused by the last two weeks of the semester. 

Just because the earthquake’s tremors didn’t shake the prairies of South Dakota, doesn’t mean that we can just ignore it. Our friends, classmates and fellow Jackrabbits are feeling the personal impact that the earthquake left. This means it’s our responsibility to pull together and show our support. Keep your eyes out for upcoming events and opportunities to show support for the Nepalese students and community.