Sara Bertsch Editor-in-chief

On behalf of The Collegian, I would like to welcome you to campus, whether you are a new

student or returning for yet another eventful year at South Dakota State.

Like many of you, I was new to SDSU once and I’m glad you have chosen to join our university.

As a new student you probably don’t know much about The Collegian or anything else that our

beautiful campus has to offer.

First off, The Collegian is an independent student-run newspaper published by and for SDSU

students. When I say independent, I mean that our newspaper does not receive any student

fees to cover any costs, such as printing. We print weekly on Wednesdays during the academic

year. Each edition can be found on racks across campus on Wednesday afternoons.

The Collegian is a long-standing SDSU tradition and it’s important you know who we are and

what we do. We give you the news. This includes hard news and features in the A section of our

paper. This ranges from new resolutions from the Students’ Association to a feature on a

student organization. When you open up your copy, you will find on the second page the SDSU

police report which consists of the crimes around campus.

Have an opinion? Well so do we in the Opinion section of the paper. Each week we editorialize

about an issue on campus and have several columnists who have an opinion of their own to


And of course, there is the ever-popular Sports section. For those of you who need the 411, this

is the place to go. From football to softball to golf, our Sports section will cover it.

A somewhat new section for this upcoming year is the Lifestyles section. Originally called the

Juice section, this section has seen some significant changes over the past year and will

continue to strive with its new name. This section contains stories about the arts and

entertainment part of campus with features and the latest events.

If you ever need to be heard or have some news to share, you can find us on social media. We

update our Twitter and Facebook page frequently so feel free to tweet at us or post on our page.

In addition to our social media presence, we also have a website that has been a work in

progress over the past year. On here we post all of our stories, including those not found in the

print edition. So please, visit sdsucollegian.com for more up-to-date information.

If you’d rather visit us directly, it might be kind of hard. We are located in the basement of The

Union in room 069. We welcome students to come down and see what we do in our newsroom.

So, have a great semester. You made the right choice in choosing SDSU. We have a lot of

traditions for students to adopt and hope one of those is picking up your copy of The Collegian

each week. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as we, The Collegian Staff, enjoy creating our

best edition of the paper every week.

Sara Bertsch is a senior journalism student and will serve as The Collegian’s Editor-in-Chief for

the 2015-2016 school year. She can be reached at [email protected] or on twitter